About The Grocery Geek

Hi, we are The Grocery Geek team, a small group of ex-grocery people collectively with over 40 years’ experience in the Australian supermarket industry. We’re obsessed with new grocery products that are released in Australian supermarkets and that is the prime purpose of The Grocery Geek, to provide a centralised place where you can find out about these new products.

Why have a centralised place for new grocery products?

  • Firstly, new grocery products are cool and interesting…or so we reckon anyway!
  • Secondly, not every new grocery product is available at every supermarket group. Some are only available at specific groups (e.g. exclusive to Woolworths only or Coles only) and some smaller supermarkets may choose not to sell a new product, so if you don’t go to every supermarket group and walk every aisle regularly the chances are you won’t know about every new product.
  • Lastly, many new products that are released are not widely advertised, so here at The Grocery Geek you can be one of the first to find out about all new grocery products as they are released.

Additionally, we will bring you relevant grocery news and commentary, allowing you to be more informed as Australia’s supermarket consumers! Whether it’s Coles, Woolworths, IGA, or independent supermarkets, we will cover what is happening.

We assure you that we are totally independent of any supermarket group or manufacturer. Instead, we aim to work with all retailers and manufacturers to help promote their new products and share news that may be of interest to our fans.

We also welcome manufacturers, or retailers, to send us details of their new lines or any news that will be of interest to consumers so that we can publish it here on our website (yes, of course, it is free!) – just contact us.

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The Grocery Geek Team 🙂