Mojo Kombucha – Perky Peach

Mojo Beverages has launched its new Kombucha drink flavour – Perky Peach – which is described as peach perked up with juicy mango and zingy citrus for a refreshingly sweet and tangy take on a traditional tea!

Consistent with the entire Mojo range, the new flavour is certified organic, low sugar, made with “real” fruits and no “sneaky” sweeteners, and contain probiotics for “proven” gut health support.

  • Probiotics for gut health support
  • Thriving with live cultures
  • Made with real fruit &/or spices
  • Low sugar
  • Stevia free
  • Authentically fermented
  • Certified Organic

Located:   Refrigerated drinks aisle

Size:   330ml

Visit website:   Click here

Shelf price:  ∼$3.50

Available from:   Woolworths

Distribution:   National


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