La Espanola – Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

The hero of your pantry now has an alternative and fresh new look! La Española Spray Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the same high quality, healthy, extra virgin olive oil that you know and love in an aerosol-free spray bottle – extremely easy to use and versatile – the no-clog, triple action nozzle lets you choose between three pressure modes: spray, stream and drip.

With no exposure to light and air, the olive oil also keeps its flavour and freshness for longer.

La Española olive oil is made from 100% Spanish olives that are completely grown, harvested and bottled in Spain. Each spray contains only 100% Spanish olive oil. No additives, chemicals or preservatives are added to preserve the oil.

Located:   Cooking Oils aisle

Size:   200ml

Visit website:   Click here

Shelf price:  ∼$6.00

Available from:   Coles

Distribution:   National


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