Marion’s Kitchen – Food Truck Meal Kits Range

Marion’s Kitchen has released their new food truck series meal kits – each of Marion’s Kitchen Food Truck Meal Kits are made as they should be, made with love, and made for sharing.

Available in 4 variants:

  • Signature Fried Chicken – move over, KFC… Marion’s Kitchen believe that this is the ultimate fried chicken. Get set for a cacophony of crunch, a flavour that’s off the charts and a crispiness that’s anything but disappointing. When you’re craving fried chicken, you want your fix, fresh from the fryer in all its craggly, snaggly, gnarly glory, quicksmart; it’s why Marion’s Kitchen has created the ultimate fried chicken meal kit, minus the wait time – It’s all down to our years-in-the-making winning combo of our perfectly savoury marinade and just the right ingredients to make your crispy coating sing. Feed it to your mates, mum or better half, whack it in a bun (hint, hint – try Marion’s Kitchen bao kit), pop it in your air fryer, turn it into the nuggets of champions… whichever way you make it, this is people-pleasing stuff. 255gm – ∼$7.80
  • BBQ Pulled Pork – the perfect combo of sticky, smoky, spiced goodness – get set for slow-roasted, soft and tender pulled pork, slathered with a sticky chilli barbecue sauce. Marion’s Kitchens’ winning combo of flavour-makers in their BBQ Pulled Pork Meal Kit is made with all-natural, premium ingredients and no nasties – all good things, in other words. The best ways to enjoy our BBQ Pulled Pork? Whack some in a wrap or a bao bun or use it to top your baked ‘taters and nachos, even snack it on some tacos, serve up some sliders or load up your fries… or simply enjoy as is with some coleslaw on the side – made for sharing, get ready to gather your friends and enjoy real-deal deliciousness. All natural – Gluten free – No added MSG. 170gm – ∼$7.80
  • Bao Bun Mix – make your own fluffy, pillowy and light bao from scratch with Marion’s Kitchens’ Bao Bun Meal Kit – love the idea of pulling freshly made bao from the steamer but just can’t face the faff?… Enter Marion’s Kitchens’ all-in-one, works-every-time, simple and reliable Bao Bun meal kit! Drift away to food heaven on a pillowy cloud of goodness. These homemade bao buns are light, fluffy and as soft as you like. For maximum enjoyment, rustle up a batch and stuff ‘em with your favourite stuffers. We’re talking char siu pork, fried chicken, miso-braised eggplant, crispy crackling-a-fied pork belly… even pulled pork. The possibilities are endless. Makes 12 buns. 340gm – ∼$7.80
  • Singapore Noodles – Marion’s Kitchens’ believes that their Singapore Noodles meal kit recipe beats any Chinese Singapore Noodle takeout, hands down. When you’re in need of a satisfying, comforting meal, you can’t go wrong with noodles. And Marion’s Kitchens’ here to give them a serious glow-up with their Singapore Noodles meal kit – One box, four simple steps, and one delicious dinner for you and the gang. Enjoy curry-infused noods, crunchy corn and savoury, umami-laden sauce in the ultimate symphony of flavours. Simply add your choice of protein and vegies, then grab your chopsticks, jump on the couch and enjoy. All natural – Gluten free – No added MSG. 419gm – ∼$7.45

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