Nair – Leg Mask

Give your legs the attention they deserve with the first depilatory mask for legs that beautifies the skin while removing stubble. Designed to be used in between your regular hair removal routine, Nair Leg Mask is a 3-in-1 treatment that removes hair and stubble, gently exfoliates and moisturises the skin and minimises hair regrowth for long lasting, beautifully soft, smooth legs.

  • For normal skin types
  • Results lasts up to 7 days
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Paraben and phthalate free

Read the WARNINGS section on pack before use.

Located: Health & Beauty aisle

Size: 227gm

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website: Click here

Shelf price: ∼$15.00

Available from: Woolworths, various IGA/Foodland/independent supermarkets

Distribution: National