Lynx – Xbox Range

Available in 3 variants:

  • Deodorant Body Spray – if you’re looking for a deodorant body spray for men that will keep you as fresh as Fonzie all day, and help you smell like heaven, you’ve just found it homie. It’s called Lynx Xbox. For when you need to lift your game and stay fresh all day long. Lynx Xbox Body Spray – leaves you smelling of frozen mandarin and juicy pear for all day freshness – 155ml
  • Antiperspirant Aerosol – Lynx anti perspirant deodorant for men, a spray deodorant that stops sweat before it has a chance to happen. Unlike other mens spray deodorant, this deodorant spray keeps you dry for 48 hours. Some antiperspirant for men makes you smell nice…Lynx antiperspirant makes you smell incredible. Cancelling out odour. Banishing BO. Leaving you smelling of mandarin and juicy pear perfume – leaves you smelling of mandarin and juicy pear, and keeps you dry for 48 hours – 160 ml
  • Bodywash – maybe you’re a gamer or maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter…because Lynx Xbox is the secret weapon you need to lift your game and unleash god mode every day of your life. Lynx Xbox Body Wash’s ridiculously delicious fragrance of fresh mandarin and juicy pear refreshes instantly. Lynx body wash isn’t just a body wash. It’s a face wash. A body AND face wash… you can also use on hair. That’s right: 3 in 1 – a triple-threat that helps you smell fresh for up to 8 hours. Lift your game with Lynx Xbox – 400ml

Located: Health & Beauty aisle

Size: As detailed above

Release date: Released

Visit website: Not available on Lynx Australia website at time of writing

Shelf price: ∼$6.00

Available from: Coles, Woolworths, various IGA/Foodland/independent supermarkets

Distribution: National