Beerenberg Ligurian Honey

This rare honey is produced by the Ligurian bee, on the pristine Kangaroo Island off Australia’s south coast. The island is a Ligurian bee sanctuary and therefore is home to the purest strain of these bees in the world.

With the hives located in one of the most remote parts of the island, the bees have access to the cup gum flower, which helps to produce this pure, organic honey, yielding a delicate and subtle flavour. It has been cold-extracted and is unfiltered, so it is honey in its most natural, crystallised form – not filtered and heat-treated like most commercial honey products.

With only 2,000 jars delicately extracted by hand, this limited edition honey is very rare and available exclusively through the Beerenberg farm shop in Hahndorf. Each jar is packed in a beautifully presented gift box and includes a Certificate of Authenticity, personally signed by both the apiarist and the owner of Beerenberg farm.

To reserve your Beerenberg Ligurian Honey Gift Box go to the Beerenberg website.

Size: Not provided

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

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RRP: ∼$99.00 (includes freight within Australia)

Available from: Beerenberg Farm Shop only

Distribution: Not Applicable