Beerenberg – New Sauces & Condiments

Beerenberg has recently released a new range of condiments to complement meals, desserts, and cheese platters.

  • Gluten free (except Asian Dressing & Dipping Sauce)
  • Handmade at Beerenberg’s Hahndorf farm in Adelaide Hills, SA.

The 5 new products are:

  • Red Pepper & Chipotle Sauce – a smokey, smooth flavour that pairs with chicken wings, can be mixed with mayonnaise for a spicy twist, or complement your next Mexican fiesta. Raise the temperature at your next dinner – 300ml – ∼$6.00
  • Asian Dressing & Dipping Sauce – an all-purpose sauce that can be added to stir-fries and noodle salads, glazed on your favourite cut of meat, or used as a dipping sauce for spring rolls and dumplings – 300ml – ∼$6.00
  • Green Tomato & Jalapeño Relish – for those heat seekers looking to spice up their next sandwich, snack or Mexican dish. It will spice up your life – as well as your meal! – 265gm – ∼$5.20.
  • Mediterranean Capsicum Bruschetta – offers a taste of the sunny Mediterranean Peninsula and can be served on crusty or cheese. As flavoursome as the sun is bright – enjoy Beerenberg’s Mediterranean Capsicum Bruschetta at home, with family or friends.  It doesn’t matter how – you’ll be dreaming of the great outdoors while enjoying its fresh, indulgent taste. – 250gm – ∼$5.20
  • Sweet Mustard Pickle – a Beerenberg classic that will elevate any meat and cheese dish effortlessly. Spread it on sandwiches, partner with meats and vegetables –  really, you’re only limited by your imagination – 265gm – ∼$5.20
  • Mango & Mandarin Curd – bursting with tropical flavours, it can add a tangy twist to toast or pancakes, and even make a delectable filling for a sponge cake. Sunshine in a jar!  You’ll delight in the tangy, summerly taste of the mango and mandarin.  Go on!  Give it a try – you know you want to – 300gm – ∼$6.00

Size: As detailed above

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website:  Click here

Shelf price: As detailed above

Available from: Directly from The Beerenberg Family Farm on-line store: Click here

Distribution: National