Ben and Jerry’s – Pint Slice Ice Cream Bars

Ben & Jerry’s believe that their new Pint Slices are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Or at least the greatest thing since their invention of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.

Pint Slices are just like they sound—slices of your favorite super premium ice cream pint dipped in dark chocolate – designed for eating one-handed, without a spoon.

  • Non-GMO sourced ingredients.
  • Eggs from cage-free hens.
  • Fairtrade certified cocoa, sugar, and vanilla.
  • Certified kosher milk and cream from caring Dairy family farms.
  • Wrapped in responsibly sourced packaging.

Available in 2 variants:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough – 3 vanilla ice cream bars with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge flakes, covered in a dark chocolatey coating.
  • The Tonight Dough – Caramel and chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie swirls and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and peanut butter cookie dough.

Located: Freezer aisle

Size: 3 pack (270ml)

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website: Click here

Shelf price: ∼$11.00

Available from: Coles, Woolworths

Distribution: National