Cadbury – Lolly Bag / Party Mix

Cadbury have released 2 new bag lines that include unique mixes of your favourite lollies and smooth Cadbury chocolate bite sized chocolates all in the one bag:

  • Cadbury Lolly Bag – Jelly Worms, Milk Bottles, Dinosaurs, Cadbury Caramels & Tiny Freddo Faces.
  • Cadbury Party Mix – Snakes, Strawberries and Cream, Laughs [Teeth], Cadbury Clinkers & Tiny Freddo Faces.

Located: Confectionery aisle

Size: 160gm

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website: Not available on Cadbury website at time of writing

RRP: ∼$4.00

Available from: Coles, Woolworths, various IGA/Foodland and independent supermarkets

Distribution: National