Café Royal – Coffee Capsules

Swiss brand, Café Royal, has entered Australia’s growing coffee pod market through Woolworths.

Compatible with all current models of Nespresso machines.

Available in 7 varieties:

Standard range – ∼$6.49:

  • Espresso – with a subtle acidity which complements the balanced spiciness. Your will perceive a light touch of turmeric. Intensity 5/10.
  • Espresso Forte – a full-bodied coffee with a hint of dark chocolate, accompanied by fruity aromas. Intensity 8/10.
  • Lungo Forte – has a powerful presence. Your palate will enjoy the intense and lasting roasted aromas. Intensity 8/10.
  • Lungo Classico – with a smooth body and a creamy texture. It seduces your palate with the delicate aroma of young coffee flowers and its fine acidity. Intensity 6/10.

Single Origins – ∼$7.29:

  • Colombia – a fine espresso, harmonious, fruity and fresh acidity.
  • India – a smooth-bodied coffee with distinctively rich and nutty flavours.

Limited Edition – ∼$7.29:

  • Royal Dark Roast – rich roasty notes with subtle smoky aromas – a fragrant mixture of stimulating aroma and full flavour.

Located: Beverages aisle

Size: 10pk

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website: Click Here

RRP: As detailed above

Available from: Woolworths

Distribution: National