CHANGE – Household Concentrated Cleaning Tablets Range

Stainless steel water bottle brand Cheeki has just launched Australia’s first dissolvable cleaning tablets – born out of questions they received from customers on how best to clean their water bottles… after months of research and development they created a cleaning tablet that would dissolve in the bottle and provide a powerful clean. Then they thought why stop there? 18 months later, CHANGE was created. A range of effective cleaning tablets for a cleaner home and a cleaner planet.

So how does it work? Fill your bottle with 300ml of warm water, drop in a CHANGE cleaning tablet, leave for 5-10mins (or until tablet is completely dissolved), start cleaning – it’s that simple!

  • CHANGE uses significantly less plastic in their product range.
  • Since CHANGE’s range of products are lighter in weight and don’t feature water when being shipped, there’s reduced CO2 produced through production and transport.
  • All CHANGE packaging can be recycled (except for the little sticker to secure the packet).
  • All products have been trialled and tested to clean well.
  • Cost effective, just less than $2 for a tablet for 300ml of cleaning solution.
  • The Repeat-Bottle – designed to be reused over and over again. Made from an interior of PET and an exterior of PP for protection and added durability. When and if the bottle breaks it is recyclable.

Available in 4 variants:

  • Multi-Purpose – effective in removing grease and grime in the kitchen and bathroom – Ammonia & Chlorine Free. Starter Kit (contains 300ml Bottle & 2 Tablets) – ∼$12.95; 4 Tablet pack – ∼$7.95; 8 Tablet pack – ∼$12.95.
  • Glass – offering a streak-free shine – Ammonia & Chlorine Free Tablets, Non-Toxic. Starter Kit (contains 300ml Bottle & 2 Tablets) – ∼$12.95; 4 Tablets pack – ∼$7.95; 8 Tablet pack – ∼$12.95.
  • Washing Machine Cleaner – formulated to clean your washing machine, removing dirt, limescale and odours to keep your clothes cleaner and fresher featuring a light lavender scent – Use Once a Month – suitable for both Front & Top Loader Machines. 4 Tablet pack – ∼$9.95
  • Water Bottle – providing a deep clean into your reusable water bottle by removing stains and odours. Suitable for glass, metal, ceramic and plastic water bottles – Ammonia & Chlorine Free Tablets, Non-Toxic. 4 Tablet pack – ∼$7.95; 8 Tablet pack – ∼$12.95

Note: Hand Sanitiser (coming in August)

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