Earth Initiative – Soft & Sustainable Eco Tissue Range

Earth Initiative’s tissues are insanely soft AND better for the environment.

Soft or Sustainable no longer needs to be a choice – Let’s face it, we all want to do good but no one wants to blow their nose with sandpaper. Other eco-tissues are just not soft enough, but, Earth Initiative’s Soft & Sustainable Tissues are different… Earth Initiative polish* their eco-tissues to make them so soft – It’s a no-brainer… when you buy Earth Initiative’s eco-tissues you get total comfort, without the guilt.

(* Fear not, the polishing process uses no chemicals – Earth Initiative uses a manufacturing process that pushes the tissues through a smooth roller to make them really nice and smooth.)

Earth Initiative’s bamboo is grown in plantations that are very close to their production facility in China – They would love to grow the bamboo closer to home but it needs very heavy rainfall at particular times to flourish and we don’t have that climate here in

Why bamboo?… Bamboo is amazing. It is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. Trees can take up to 15 years to reach full height, whereas bamboo is a fast-growing grass! So, a year after they trim their bamboo, it will have grown back and can be harvested again. It is plentiful, and doesn’t require fertilisers, or chemicals to survive.

Earth Initiative recognise that this means their products travel further than would be ideal so they offset the carbon emissions by partnering with Ekos – Ekos pays for trees that would otherwise be logged to remain standing, so they can continue to sequester carbon from our environment.

Earth Initiative’s packaging is 100% recyclable cardboard – they are working on producing the box from bamboo, but technology just isn’t quite there yet!

  • All tissues are 3ply

Available in 3 variants:

  • Fragrance-free
  • Shea butter extra soft
  • Eucalyptus scented

Located:   Health & Beauty aisle

Size:   95 pack

Visit website:   Click Here

Shelf price:   ∼$2.00

Available from:   Coles

Distribution:   National


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