Gippsland Jersey – Cultured Sour Cream

This little pot of rich goodness is like nothing you’ll have ever tasted! Gippsland Jersey’s new Cultured Sour Cream is a hybrid of crème fraîche and cultured sour cream velvety in consistency because of its high jersey butterfat and it’s not sour or sweet in taste.

Great in family favourite meals like beef stroganoff, or served with nachos, burritos, potatoes, made into dips, added to pastas and is also the perfect sweet baking accompaniment.

  • Gippsland Owned & Made

Located:   Dairy aisle

Size:   300ml

Visit website:   Not available on Gippsland Jersey website at time of writing

Shelf price:   Unknown at time of writing

Available from:   from 18th August at various independent supermarkets

Distribution:   Gippsland, VIC