Kendall and Cook – Finest Artisan Cured Meats

Kendall & Cook believe in the power of Great Food.  Food that excites, that inspires, that brings a smile to the face and warmth to the heart – food that has the power to bring people together, to create lasting memories of time spent with people we love.

Kendall and Cook have specially selected the finest artisan cured meats from across Australia to bring you their artisan range.  All of their products are made using carefully chosen cuts of 100% Australian pork, blended with delicately balanced spices and seasoning to create great tasting products that they hope you love and enjoy.

Kendall and Cook has released 4 variants in their range:

  • Prosciutto – you can’t rush perfection, which is why Kendall and Cook age their Prosciutto for six months to let the sweet and slightly nutty flavours develop, leaving you with a delicious product that simply melts in the mouth – 80gm – ∼$6.00
  • Salami – Made with beautiful Australian pork and carefully balanced seasoning, Kendall and Cook’s delicious Salami is a must try for all cured meat lovers out there – 80gm – ∼$6.00
  • Spiced Salami – Want something a little hotter?  Kendall and Cook’s Spiced Salami is made with a touch of chilli for just the right amount of heat and a slightly more robust flavour – 80gm – ∼$6.00
  • Entertaining Selection – Looking for some variety? Kendall and Cook’s Entertaining Selection combines their Salami, Spiced Salami and Prosciutto in the perfect sized pack to share and enjoy with friends – 120gm – ∼$9.00

Located: Dairy aisle

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Available from: Coles

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