Laucke Kangaroo Flour

For many years, Laucke Flour Mills Managing Director Mark Laucke has been crafting products derived from grains of known and traceable sources in the same way the wine industry produces wine from selected varieties and regions.

“Grains taste and perform differently, as do grapes, according to the variety, origin, soil and even the weather in which they were grown.”

“The iconic, pristine, and natural environment of Kangaroo Island is separated from the Australian mainland by 22 km and therefore offers a provenance unique to the world… The region’s soil and natural environment produces a range of unique flavoured local foods and beverages and grains are no exception… Nowhere else in the world replicates the grains as grown from the purity of the water, air and soil of Kangaroo Island.” Mr Laucke said.

“We are enormously proud to be partnering with the farmers of Kangaroo Island, who have grasped the opportunity and developed the sophistication to produce and supply us with grain that is identifiable, certified, tracked and documented, to the extent that Kangaroo Island farmers can represent the provenance of the grain all the way back to the actual paddock—where that vintage of their grain was grown… The integrity of this unique grain is maintained from each paddock all the way through to careful segregation and milling. The unique characteristics of the wheat are retained within the flour, and this provenance can then be tracked right through to the individual loaf of bread you share and the pastry you enjoy.” he says.

Laucke Flour Mills’ Single Origin Kangaroo Flours come in 2 variants:

  • Classic
  • Rising

Size: 1kg

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

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RRP: ∼$3.99

Available from: Woolworths, selected independent supermarkets