MAP Clean Bean – Coffee Machine Cleaning Products

Coffee and other beverages leave an oily residue in the brewing chamber and delivery spout of your coffee machine, which taints the flavour and taste of your beverages.

MAP Coffee has released a cleaning system to solve this problem.

There are 3 products:

  • MAP Clean Bean Cleaning System – ~$6.99 – 3 re-usable tablet holders and 4 tablets – Recommended to be used monthly or after every 30 coffees (whichever comes first) to maintain the optimal taste of your beverages and to keep your machine in top condition. Recommended to use in conjunction with descaling your machine.
  • MAP Descaler – ~$6.99 – contains 2 doses – Removes hard water scale for optimum performance.
  • MAP Cleaning Tablets – ~$5.99 – 8 Tablets – Refill tablets for cleaning system.

Located: Coffee aisle

Size: As detailed above

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website: Not on website at time of writing

RRP: As detailed above

Available from: Not advised, seen at Woolworths

Distribution: National