Maxibon & Dare – Maxi-Dare Editions

Maxibon and Dare flavoured milk have collaborated to create 2 cross-over products taking iced desserts and flavoured milk to a whole new level, both products blending the flavour of crisp vanilla with silky, cold coffee.

The 2 products are:

  • Maxibon Dare Double Espresso Ice Cream – featuring a Dare Coffee creamy ice cream swirled with coffee syrup for the ultimate mix of caffeine and decadence – Single.
  • Dare Maxibon Latte – with flavours of the classic Maxibon Vanilla ice cream and Maxibon’s iconic chocolate biscuit blending them into an unforgettable caffeine hit – 500ml

Shelf price: Not available at time of writing

Available from: 7-Eleven and OTR convenience stores

Distribution: National