McCain’s – Healthy Choice – Protein Plus Meals

McCain Foods has introduced its frozen Health Choice – Protein Plus meal range featuring 50% more protein than regular Healthy Choice meals (excl. Chicken Carbonara and the Whole Grains range).

Their Protein Plus range features Australian chicken breast, a full serve of vegetables alongside on-trend ingredients like quinoa, chia, coconut and lemongrass.

  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

The new range comes in 4 varieties:

  • Chicken Satay with brown rice, wild rice & steamed vegetables
  • Italian Baked Chicken with wholemeal chia penne pasta in an olive and tomato pasata
  • Smoky Paprika Chicken with brown rice, quinoa, kidney beans & broccoli
  • Thai Coconut and Lemongrass Chicken with vegetables, brown rice and quinoa

Located: Freezer aisle

Health Star Rating: 4

Size: 360gm (Individual serve)

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

Visit website: Click Here

Shelf price: ∼$7.59

Available from: Coles, Woolworths, various IGA/Foodland/independent supermarkets

Distribution: National