Nando’s – Peri-Peri Potato Chips

Batch cooked to Peri-Peri perfection, these Peri-Peri chips are perfect for satisfying the Peri-Peri cravings where ever they may hit you.

Their flavour is so good you won’t want to leave a single chip behind, so go ahead and lick the pack clean.

Available in 3 varients:

  • Chicken – (Mild)
  • Smokey BBQ – (Medium)
  • Hot Peri-Peri – (Medium)

Located: Snack Food aisle

Size: 150gm

Release date: Released

Road test: You bet, and we’re in luuuuvv

Visit website: Click Here

RRP: ∼$3.79

Available from: Woolworths, Nando’s restaurants

Distribution: National