Pana Organic – Plant Based Baking Range

Pana Organic has released their new baking range.

  • Plant based
  • Gluten free

The five products in the range are:

  • Mylk Chocolate Pieces – smooth and velvety, these lighter mylk chocolate pieces are the perfect coconutty blend of as sweet as can be. A little more playful, a little less bite – 135gm – ∼$9.90
  • Dark Chocolate Pieces – an intense balance of bittersweet, rich cacao goodness tempting you one piece of smooth, dark chocolate at a time for a kitchen saga of pure decadence – 135gm – ∼$9.90
  • Caramel Chocolate Pieces – salted caramel baking pieces filled with dreamy layers of velvety cacao, rich caramel and salty undertones for the perfect flavour combo in all of your creations – 135gm – ∼$9.90
  • White Chocolate Pieces – Pana Organic’s signature white chocolate, a blend of smooth coconut and velvety white cacao butter, now available in perfectly portioned pieces for blissful baking – 135gm – ∼$9.90
  • 100% Cacao Powder – Pana Organic’s raw, organic cacao powder is rich in antioxidants and all of your deepest, darkest chocolate dreams – 200gm – ∼$9.00

Located:   Baking aisle

Size:   As detailed above

Visit website:   Click Here

Shelf price:   As detailed above

Available from:   Woolworths, Pana Organic online store

Distribution:   National