Pascall – Sherbet Hard Candy Range

Fruity Fun has never been so fizzy! Pascall’s has released their new Sherbet hard candy range.

Are you a cruncher or a sucker? Either way, once you are through the flavoured shell, get ready for a sherbet hit! A fun, flavoured sherbet treat to share with family & friends at home or on road trips.

  • Perfect for parties, lolly bowls or an anytime treat
  • Individually wrapped
  • No artificial colours

Available in 2 variants:

  • Strawberries
  • Lemons

Located:   Confectionery aisle

Size:   192gm

Visit website:   Not available on Pascall website at time of writing

Shelf price:   ∼$4.00

Available from:   Coles, Woolworths, various IGA/Foodland/independent supermarkets

Distribution:   National