Pataks – Heat & Eat Pouch Range

Pataks new Heat & Eat pouch range – Pataks’ version of the popular Indian dishes with a veggie twist!

Enjoy them on their own, with naan bread, rice or a protein of your choice – perfect for a quick dinner, easy lunch or delicious side meal.

  • Simply heat in microwave for 90 seconds or 3-5 minutes on the stovetop
  • Makes 1 Meal or 2 Sides
  • No Added Sugar
  • Good Source of Fibre
  • No Artificial Flavours, Colours or Preservatives
  • Suitable for Vegetarians

Available in 3 variants:

  • Chickpea & Veggie Korma – contains chickpeas, green beans & cauliflower in a rich coconut sauce, infused with turmeric and cinnamon – 7.7gm protein per serve – mild
  • Butter Chickpeas & Veggies – contains chickpeas, sweet potatoes & spinach in a mild creamy tomato and butter sauce – 6.8gm protein per serve, mild
  • Lentil & Veggie Tikka Masala – lentils, red capsicum & pumpkin in a spicy fragrant tomato sauce – 6.8gm protein per serve, medium

Located:   Indian foods aisle

Size:   285gm

Visit website:   Not available on Pataks website at time of writing

Shelf price:  ∼$3.50

Available from:   Woolworths

Distribution:   National