Praise – Mayonnaise – New Variants

Praise has released their new range of flavoured mayonnaises with something for everyone!

  • No Artificial Colours, Flavours or Preservatives
  • Made in Australia

Available in 5 new variants:

  • Beetroot Style Mayo – a must have for a proper Australian burger, it couldn’t be better – 250ml, ∼$4.00
  • Chicken Salt Chip Mayo – chickeney, salty, creamy, it’s delicious chicken salt mayo & it’s guaranteed to make you feel proudly Australian – 250ml, ∼$4.00
  • Smokey BBQ Mayo – make arvo BBQs better, serve this delicious smokey mayo with hot chicken wings or crunchy chips – 250ml, ∼$4.00
  • Chilli Jam Mayo – spice up meal-time with this creamy, sweet mayo, serve with spring rolls or crunchy wedges – 250ml, ∼$4.00
  • Vegan Mayo – a creamy vegan mayo, with a classic Australian taste, it’s egg free, delicious & makes veggie salads and burgers superb – 360ml, ∼$4.50

Located:   Sauces aisle

Size:   As detailed above

Visit website:   Click Here

Shelf price:   As detailed above

Available from:   Woolworths, various IGA/independent supermarkets

Distribution:   National