Quick-Eze – Chewy – Cooling

Chewy Quick-Eze Icy Mint flavour antacid tablets help provide rapid relief from heartburn and acid indigestion by neutralising stomach acid fast, while also providing a refreshing cooling sensation in the mouth and throat – contains the active ingredient Calcium Carbonate, and no artificial colours.

Each pack contains 24 individually wrapped tablets, conveniently packed in 3 sticks of 8, perfect to take on-the-go.

  • Always read the label. Follow the directions for use.

Located:   Medicinal aisle

Size:   24pk

Visit website:   Not available on Quick-Eze website at time of writing

Shelf price:   ∼$6.50

Available from:   Woolworths, various IGA/Foodland/independent supermarkets

Distribution:   National