Sabco – Microfibre Dusting Glove

Sabco’s new Microfibre Dusting Glove is made from mini microfibre fingers, all over the glove, that gently attract and traps dust and allergens.

Being in a unique glove form it makes it ideal for dusting irregular shaped ornaments, delicate surfaces, blinds, shutters, etc.

  • Microfingers trap dust and allergens, lifting them from the surface.
  • Glove shape allows easily control and more thorough cleaning.
  • Perfect for cleaning blinds, ornaments and other hard to clean objects/ surfaces.
  • Long lasting and machine washable.

Located: Cleaning aisle

Size: 1 glove (1 size fits all)

Release date: Released

Road test: We have and its pretty cool – makes dusting just so easy 🙂

Visit website: Click Here

Shelf price: ∼$8.99

Available from: Woolworths, Bunnings Warehouse

Distribution: National