Sacred Grounds – Organic Speciality Coffee Range

Sacred Grounds believe there’s nothing worse than feeling stale. It’s boring. It’s routine. It creeps in if you’re not careful. It’s the enemy of good times – and good coffee! Sacred Grounds roast their coffee daily, deliver it at speed and seal it in purpose made packaging to ensure it stays fresh! They do this because they’re passionate about making good quality, fresh coffee.

  • Certified Organic Coffee
  • Freshly Roasted

Available in 3 variants (all available in both ground coffee and whole coffee beans):

  • Peru – Medium-Dark Roast, Single Origin, Peruvian specialty coffee from deep in the Andes Mountains. Bright and bold in the cup with flavours of honey-roasted macadamia and spiced plum
  • Breezy Blend – Dark Roast, catch a smooth and dreamy ride with Sacred Grounds signature Breezy Blend, a bold specialty coffee delivering flavour notes of dark chocolate, roasted almonds and butterscotch, coffee from Colombia, PNG, Peru and Nicaragua.
  • Groover Blend – Medium-Dark Roast, a robust and vibrant specialty coffee with sumptuous flavours notes of chocolate fudge, caramel and raspberry, coffee from Ethiopia, Indonesia, Colombia and Peru.

Located:   Hot beverages aisle

Size:   200gm

Visit website:   Click Here

Shelf price:  ∼$10.00

Available from:   Woolworths

Distribution:   National