Sard Wonder – Power Fizz Stain Remover

Sard Wonder Power Fizz stain remover immediately lifts stains from fibres for effective results.  Sard Wonder Power Fizz is Sard’s first pre-wash stain remover with visible fizzing effect and immediate stain lift action.

  • New technology
  • Deeply penetrates the fibres as of the 1st application
  • Visible fizzing effect and immediate stain lift action
  • Helps safely shift tough stains
  • Effective in all wash temperatures
  • Suitable for whites and colourfast dyes – separate colours and whites before washing
  • Follow manufacturer’s instructions for special and delicate fabrics and colours
  • Test for colour fastness as some colours may run in normal washing

Located:   Laundry aisle

Size:   250ml

Visit website:   Not available on Sard Wonder website at time of writing 

Shelf price:  ∼$9.99

Available from:   Woolworths

Distribution:   National