Streets – Magnum Ice Cream Luxe Range

Magnum has just released its most decadent and indulgent Mangum Luxe range.

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Cocoa

Available in 5 variants:

  • Chocolate Cake Batter Sticks – Vanilla flavoured ice cream, dipped in chocolate cake batter flavoured sauce and coated in cracking Magnum classic chocolate with chocolate cookie pieces – 3 pack – ∼$9.00
  • Caramel Hazelnut Truffle Sticks – Caramel flavoured ice cream with a caramel swirl, dipped in hazelnut sauce and coated in cracking Magnum milk chocolate – 3 pack – ∼$9.00
  • Raspberry Panna Cotta Sticks – Panna cotta ice cream with a raspberry sauce swirl, dipped in luscious raspberry sauce, and coated in thick, cracking Magnum white chocolate – 3 pack – ∼$9.00
  • Salted Caramel Tub – Vanilla ice cream, layered with luscious salted caramel sauce and chocolate shards, covered in a cracking Magnum chocolate shell – 440ml – ∼$9.50
  • Chocolate Ganache Tub – Smooth chocolate ice cream, layered with rich chocolate sauce and chocolate shards, encased in a cracking Magnum chocolate shell – 440ml – ∼$9.50

Located:   Freezer aisle

Size:   As detailed above

Visit website:   Not available on Streets Magnum website at time of writing

Shelf price:   As detailed above

Available from:   Woolworths Initially

Distribution:   National