The Margaret River Dairy Company Brie & Camembert

Lovingly created by their skilled artisans, The Margaret River Dairy Company’s hand-made soft cheeses include rich Camemberts and creamy Bries, and for that decadent treat there is always the Black Label Brie or Camembert.

Brie and Camembert are classic soft ripening cheeses. They are surface ripened to produce a bloomy white rind that covers the cheese and matures over time. With a choice blend of cultures and fresh, locally sourced milk, the flavours created are complex and the perfect accompaniment to the finest wines.

The Margaret River region is pristine, the environment clean and the local cows graze on lush pastures on rich, fertile soil, which is why the milk they use is so pure.

There are 4 varieties:

  • Brie – a golden, buttery and slightly nutty interior.  Beautifully rich, it subtly develops in flavour with age.
  • Camembert – a milder, more fluid consistency than the Brie. Creamy with a pale yellow centre, it has a superb nutty flavour with soft mushroom overtones producing a delicious twist.
  • Black Label Triple Cream Brie – made with extra cream, this Brie has a more velvety texture and intense flavour.
  • Black Label Double Cream Camembert – made with extra cream, this Camembert has a magnificently rich flavour that continues to develop with age.

These cheeses are best served at room temperature.

Size: 100gm / 200gm

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