Twinings – Latte Range

Twinings has released their new range of Lattes.

  • Made with natural and plant based ingredients
  • No added colours, artificial flavours preservatives
  • Vegetarian & Gluten Free

Available in 4 variants:

  • Warming Chai – this aromatic Chai Latte is Twining’s take on an authentic recipe – Warm your soul and calm your mind as you sip on this blend of classic black tea with naturally aromatic ground spices.
  • Cacao Coconut – this elegant Cacao Coconut Latte is like a comforting hug – made with 50% single origin crushed cocoa beans – Cacao is renowned for its antioxidant content and mood boosting properties.
  • Vanilla Matcha – this Vanilla Matcha Latte is for a velvety moment of zen – Traditional stone ground matcha, blended with creamy coconut milk and vanilla flavour – it’s real indulgence from simple ingredients. Matcha is made with whole green tea leaves which are ground down to a fine powder and give this latte a vibrant green colour and naturally smooth taste.
  • Golden Tumeric – this delicious Golden Turmeric Latte is Twining’s tribute to glorious turmeric – This latte blend is made golden with ground Turmeric – an ancient spice enjoyed around the world for its healing benefits.

Located:   Hot Beverages aisle

Size:   200gm

Visit website:   Click Here

Shelf price:   ∼$9.65

Available from:   Coles

Distribution:   National