Vittoria Coffee – Nespresso Compatible Coffee Capsule Range

At a time when more Australians are drinking coffee at home than ever before, Vittoria Coffee has launched a new range of 18 blends and single originals for Nespresso original machines.

The range is Australian made, from 100% Arabica coffee making Vittoria the only locally roasted aluminium capsules available in Australian supermarkets – presented in premium aluminium capsules for optimal freshness and reduced packaging.

Available in 18 variants:

Classic Range – 10 pack – ∼$9.00:

  • Italian Arabica – a medium roast of 100% Arabica coffee beans from Central & South America with a balanced body and taste – a milder cup compared to darker roasts in the Vittoria range like Espresso – Tasting Notes: raisin, pear & almond – Intensity 11- (also available in a 20-value pack – ∼$11.00)
  • Family Cup – lightly roasted to first crack – this bright blend of 100% Arabica beans has sweet citrus flavours and a smooth body preserving the unique fruity characteristics of each origin – Tasting Notes: apple, grapefruit & hazelnut – Intensity 10
  • Espresso Arabica – Espresso is Vittoria’s original blend first created over 60 years ago, this iconic blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans is a dark roast, delivering a smooth, strong flavour of traditional Italian espresso – Tasting Notes: honey & toasty – Intensity 14 – (also available in a 20-value pack – ∼$11.00)
  • Ristretto Arabica – a 100% Arabica blend specially designed to highlight the balance of flavours of each origin within a short extraction time, typical of Italian ristretto – Tasting Notes: sweet, nutty & butterscotch – Intensity 13
  • Piccolo Arabica – a dark, intense blend of 100% Arabica beans with depth and balance of flavour designed to deliver the strong flavour of traditional Italian espresso for short milk-based coffees – Tasting Notes: caramel, dark chocolate, malt & toasty – Intensity 12 – no picture available
  • Latte Arabica – a medium-dark roast of 100% Arabica beans from Central & South America – Latte has been specifically blended to drink with milk, delivering a clean, medium bodied cup with a slightly sweet, caramel-like aftertaste – Tasting Notes: milk chocolate, caramel & toffee – Intensity 12
  • Lungo – translating to ‘long’ in English – Lungo has been developed specifically for a longer cup, containing more water. A blend of natural and washed 100% Arabica beans roasted to a medium-dark colour, delivering a strong, bold and well-balanced cup – Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, malt & nutty – Intensity 13 – no picture available
  • Valentina – this specialty, single-origin 100% Arabica coffee has been sourced entirely from female coffee farmers who are involved in every part of the green coffee value chain, including growing, harvesting, and processing at origin – Tasting Notes: tangerine, dark chocolate, lemon & honey, Single Origin, ACO Certified Organic – Intensity 13
  • Decaf – decaffeinated using a natural water process, this 100% Arabica blend has a sweet aroma and medium body with an authentic Italian espresso flavour – Tasting Notes: grape & winey – Intensity 13

Premium Range – 10 pack – ∼$7.00:

  • Inca Peru Riserva – this Reserva blend features 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Costa Rica and mountainous regions of Peru – a medium-dark roast delivers a delicately balanced espresso which tastes even sweeter with milk – Tasting Notes: maple syrup, roasted peanuts & blossoms, Rainforest Alliance Certified – Intensity 15
  • Black Valley Riserva – Vittoria’s highest-strength capsule – this Riserva blend has been created for strong espresso drinkers. This dark roast is a blend of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil, Colombia and Honduras, that delivers a syrupy coffee for anyone searching for an intense, full-flavoured capsule – Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, syrup, toast & smokey – Intensity 15
  • Colombia – 100% Arabica single origin is sourced from small, select local farms – Tasting Notes: raisins, syrup & bright, Single Origin – Intensity 12
  • Sumatra – a high-grade 100% Arabica specialty coffee is produced in the highland plateau of Onan Ganjang by small-holding farmers – Tasting Notes: sweet berries, citrus, ruby grapefruit & biscuity, Single Origin – Intensity 12
  • Zimbabwe – 100% Arabica single origin is from the Chipinge District of Zimbabwe, close to the south-eastern border, near Mozambique – Tasting Notes: blackberry, milk chocolate & winey, Single Origin – Intensity 12
  • Maragogype – often twice the size of a normal coffee bean, the Maragogype is a unique Arabica varietal known as the “Elephant Bean.” It is famously difficult to harvest, requiring rich volcanic soil, a tropical climate and ample shade to prosper – Tasting Notes: sweet fruit, spiced chocolate & toasty, Single Origin – Intensity 12
  • Organic Arabica – a medium-dark roast with a rounded, full-flavour coffee – Tasting Notes: hazelnut, wildberry, honey & lemon, Rainforest Alliance Certified, ACO Certified Organic – Intensity 13
  • ORO – Vittoria’s popular café blend of 100% Arabica beans – Oro has become famous for its ability to consistently deliver a smooth and full-flavour cup, whether served as an espresso or with milk – Tasting Notes: toffee, honey & blackcurrant – Intensity 13
  • Mountain Grown Arabica – a full-strength coffee with a rich flavour and delicate finish, Mountain Grown is a premium blend of high-altitude 100% Arabica beans, delivering a fine espresso taste – Tasting Notes: caramel, dark chocolate, smokey & toasty – Intensity 14

Located:   Coffee aisle

Size:   10 pack

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Available from:   Woolworths

Distribution:   National