Cove launches their fantastic sustainable cleaning products combined with modern stylish packaging

If you’re on the look-out for a sustainable, yet stylish, range of cleaning products, look no further…  Cove is a reusable and refillable cleaning system created to inspire consumers to become more sustainable, especially given the significant amount of one-use plastics in the cleaning aisle.

“We want to change behaviour and drive a reduction in waste by giving people an option to keep and reuse their cleaning products, rather than just throwing the packaging away and contributing to Australia’s landfill problem,” says Cove’s Brand Manager, Brent Vrdoljak.

With a modern and high-end aesthetic, Cove has been developed with design trends at its core, ensuring consumers can be proud to keep the products on display and reuse. The critical product in the range is the refill pouches, which contain concentrated formulas that just need to be mixed with tap water. The pouches use 80% less plastic compared to standard bottles and are also recyclable through the REDcycle program which turns soft plastics into park benches and playground equipment.

“Most cleaning products in the supermarket are predominantly water. By taking the water out of our refills and providing a concentrated product we’re able to offer smaller pack sizes, and we’re not unnecessarily shipping water around the country,” says Vrdoljak. “Smaller pack sizes mean we can fit more into a truck, which means less trucks on the road, and in turn fewer emissions and a reduced carbon footprint.”

Cove’s cleaning range is available now at Coles Supermarkets, and a hyper-concentrated Laundry Liquid will be available at selected Ritchies stores in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit The Grocery Geek’s product post here or the Cove website here