Dr. Oetker is launching 3 new Pizzas this October!

This October Australian pizza lovers will be able to sink their teeth into three new innovative frozen pizza flavours thanks to frozen pizza maker Dr. Oetker under their ‘Dr Oetker Ristorante’ and ‘Papa Guiseppe’ brands:

  • Ristorante Dolce Al Cioccolato – the first ever chocolate dessert pizza – the, which has taken Europe by storm this year. A sweet pizza which is usually only made by the most traditional Italian pizzerias – a move into the dessert domain that gives pizza lovers a way to satisfy their sweet tooth at home. This decadent addition is a chocolate version of Ristorante’s signature thin and crispy crust, deliciously topped with gooey choc sauce, milk chocolate flakes, and dark and white chocolate chunks. Delicious on its own, just add fruit and ice-cream to make it even more scrumptious for an after dinner dessert or a spring treat. (RRP $7.50)
  • Pizza Bianca Carne e Patata – a pizza that’s only usually made at traditional Italian restaurants – this unique pizza flavour includes crunchy potato chips, smokey ham, aromatic red onions and mozzarella cheese on a creamy white sauce. It’s the only frozen pizza available in Australia with a white sauce, made from rich sour cream, rather than the standard tomato base.

Meanwhile, one of Australia’s oldest frozen pizza brands Papa Giuseppi’s, will also launch a new flavour as part of the Bakehouse Crust range:

  • Limited Edition Nacho – (which will replace the cheeseburger flavour) – topped with spicy pork, kidney beans, sweetcorn, red and green capsicum, crunchy corn chips, sour cream, cheese and herbs on a spicy tomato sauce. (RRP $7.99).

Keep an eye out in your local supermarket as these new pizzas will start appearing in the freezer section from October 2017.