OMG! You have to try these. Naked Truth – Chocolates & Confectionery

We recently purchased 3 different chocolates and 3 different candy bags of Naked Truth products… and we are all hooked!!

As the Naked Truth says on its web site:

“The Naked Truth is for the chocoholics, the risk takers and the pleasure seekers. Not shy of self-expression and telling it how it is.
Like you need a reason…is our shared TRUTH. We believe you don’t need a reason to indulge, express yourself, share your view or even say I love you.
Our sweet creations have originated from our wildest imaginations and have been crafted with the use of premium ingredients and extravagant inclusions.”

And all of our team agree, these weird and wonderful varieties of chocolates and confectionery are truely addictive.

Even those in our team who first wrinkled their nose at the flavours became addicts at first bite. So if you want something with a little more excitement and indulgence for your chocolate/candy hit grab one (or more) of these you won’t be disappointed.

Chocolate range:

  • Death By – White Chocolate with Raspberry and Balsamic Block
  • Indulge Me – Spice Chai Latte Milk Chocolate Block
  • PG – Coffee Beans and Popping Candy Milk Choc bar
  • Trust Me – Puffed Quinoa, Almonds and Blueberry Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Coco Loco – Fig, Toasted Almond and Coconut Milk Chocolate Block
  • Ground Me – Espresso Kick Dark Chocolate Block
  • Turn Up The Heat – Lime Chilli Dark Chocolate Block
  • Sweetie Pie – Lemon Coconut Cream Pie White Choc Bar
  • Timeout With My…. – Raspberry Cheesecake Bar
  • 66% Love & 34% Cocoa – Salted Flakes Dark Chocolate Block
  • Hide The – Salted Caramel Milk Choc Bar
  • Get Lost – Goji Berry and Toasted Coconut Dark Chocolate Block
  • Smother Your Mother-in-Law with Love – Almond Butter Brownie Milk Chocolate Block
  • Get Naked – Fig and Macadamia Milk Chocolate Block
  • Movie Night – Puffed Quinoa, Almonds and Blueberry Milk Chocolate Block
  • Road Trip – Jam Doughnut Bar

Candy range:

  • Rise & Grind – Dusted Espresso Coffee Beans
  • Go Ape – Salted Caramel Bananas
  • Stick ‘Em Up – Passionfruit and Lime Bullets
  • My Heart Needs – Blood Orange Bullets
  • Sweetness – Raspberry Bananas
  • Oh Nuts – White Dusted Toffee Apple Almonds
  • Nibble Me – Pink Grapefruit Babies with Bellies
  • My Heart Beats For – Blueberry Babies with Bellies
  • Love Me – Chocolate Malted Thickshakes
  • Summer Nights – Watermelon Babies with Bellies
  • Oh Baby – Mixed Babies with Bellies
  • Bite Me – Passionfruit Babies with Bellies
  • Kiss Me – Raspberry and Fizzy Sherbet Double Troubles
  • Oh So Juicy – Nectarine Babies with Bellies
  • My Heart Needs – Blood Orange Babies with Bellies
  • Date Night – Passionfruit and Yoghurt Double Troubles
  • Go Wild – Wild Raspberry Thickshakes
  • My Heart Melts For – Summer Gelato Bullets
  • Follow Your Passion – Passionfruit and Fizzy Sherbet Double Troubles
  • Citrus Vibes – Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry Double Troubles
  • Take It Off – Cocoa Dusted Scorched Almonds
  • Monkey Do – Salted Caramel and Banana Thickshakes
  • Flip Side – Mixed Double Troubles
  • Crazy – Plum Babies with Bellies
  • Get Your Sweetness On – Raspberry and Yoghurt Double Troubles
  • That Sweet Nectar – Peach and Mango Double Troubles

We tested:

  • Chocolates: Sweetie Pie/Hide The/Get Naked
  • Candy: Rise & Grind/Go Ape/Take it Off.

There is nothing else to say except… go on, treat yourself 🙂

Visit website: Click Here

RRP: Blocks ~ $5.00 – Bars ~ $2.20 / Bags ~$2.20

Available from: Coles only