Shelf ticket over-load

Everyone who shops at Woolworths at the moment, will know just how many different shelf tickets they display on their shelves… the amount of effort a customer has to put into understanding what message each shelf ticket is trying to send – discount, new , highlight, promotion, etc., etc., etc. – is just frustrating.

On a trip top Woolworths this week we identified 13 different shelf labels being used.

In comparison, the Coles next door are only using 2 different shelf labels… easy.

Every retailer knows that you have to keep your message to your customers simple and straight-forward… someone at Woolworths has misunderstood and created a shot-gun effect in messaging – too much / too many, it’s just down-right confusing, not to mention the cost just to maintain and control so many different labels is expensive and that expense will more than likely be being passed onto consumers in one way or another.

We all know that Woolworths has lost its way and needs to get customers back.

We also know that as consumers we need a strong Woolworths to provide competitive price tension in the market.

But it’s the old adage that Woolworths has forgotten… K.I.S.S. [Keep It Simple Stupid] – We look forward to Woolworths’ new management bringing simplicity back to their stores, in the meantime shopping at Woolies is like having to read a novel just to buy your groceries.

Until Next time… RGRRetailer Gone Rogue