Ballantyne Butter Tubs

Ballantyne’s is a family owned business based in Melbourne which has been around since 1929.

Ballantyne says: “We’re pedantic about taste and texture, fastidious about packaging and presentation. Our difference is in the detail and the proof is in your cooking.”

Ballantyne’s new butter tubs come in 5 varieties:

  • Ballantyne Spreadable – has a soft, malleable texture ensuring it glides evenly over bread or toast, straight from the fridge. While the clean, creamy taste is perfect on its own, it’s also excellent with spreads or extra toppings. It’s made with only four ingredients: butter, water, canola oil and salt.
  • Ballantyne Spreadable Lighter – the same delicious taste & texture as Ballantyne Spreadable but with 25% less fat. It has a creamy consistency that is matched with a clean, subtle flavour with just a hint of salt that makes it perfect for sandwiches.
  • Ballantyne Spreadable Lighter with extra Virgin Olive oil – this butter is for those that crave Mediterranean flavour. Olive oil crafted from Australia’s leading groves is expertly balanced with the clean creamy taste of our Ballantyne Spreadable range that provides a robust Mediterranean taste that will bring out the best in your cooking. Perfect for fish, vegetables or spread directly onto fresh bread.
  • Ballantyne Spreadable Lighter with Avocado Oil – blends the nutty taste of avocado oil with Ballantyne’s Traditional creamy butter. For lovers of all things creamy.
  • Ballantyne Whipped Butter – traditional pure butter comes with a hint of salt, lightly whipped for easy spreading. Made with three ingredients the traditional way, it’s simple and delicious. The way butter is meant to be.

Size: 250gm

Release date: Released

Road test: Being a butter addict I most likely shouldn’t have done the road test, but I did – lucky me…… Tried the Ballantyne Spreadable and yes it was as good as they claim.

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RRP: ∼$4.50 – seen on special “2 for $7.00”

Available from: Coles