Ben & Jerry’s – Topped Range

Hold on tight and spoon at the ready as you embark on a journey through the many melt-in-your-mouth flavour & layers that make Ben & Jerry’s…well…Ben & Jerry’s! Ben & Jerry’s new Topped hits your taste buds with each and every scoop, with chocolate chunks, and dreamy swirls hiding beneath an extra layer of velvety, chocolatey love on top!

Available in 2 variants:

  • Salted Caramel Brownie – featuring vanilla ice-cream with a salted caramel swirl, brownies, chocolatey chunks, and a gooey spoonable chocolatey hazelnut topping with even more chunks! What makes this concoction even sweeter is the chewy brownies nestled inside – Ben & Jerry’s brownies come from Greyston Bakery, located in Yonkers, New York. This new ice-cream tub is over-the-top euphoric; one that some dig their spoon into and say is Ben & Jerry’s most decadent ice-cream dessert concoction yet!
  • Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough – deliciously brimming with chocolate ice-cream, a caramel swirl, chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolatey chunks and chocolatey hazelnut topping. It’s a chocolate lover’s dessert come true! Dig into this chocolate ice-cream pint made of milk and cream from family farms, the caramel swirls, plus Ben & Jerry’s famous cookie dough chunks.

Located:   Freezer aisle

Size:   438ml

Visit website:   Not available on Ben & Jerry’s website at time of writing

Shelf price:  ∼$13.00

Available from:   Coles

Distribution:   National