Miguel Maestre Cheeses

All of Miguel Maestre Cheeses are imported from Spain.

Available in 4 varieties:

  • Manchego Cheese – Made in the La Mancha region of Spain from the milk of manchega sheep. Manchego has a compact consistency and a beautiful buttery texture, with small, unevenly distributed air pockets. The colour of the cheese varies from white to ivory-yellow, and the inedible rind from yellow to brownish beige. The cheese has a unique flavour, well developed but not too strong and creamy, touch of nuttiness and leaves an after taste that is characteristic of sheep’s milk.   Official manchego cheese is to be aged for between 60 days and two years and this one is aged 6 months.   The designation queso manchego is ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ under Spain and the European Union meaning that is certified authentic and original cheese.   Manchego is the flavour of Spain and extremely versatile – perfect on a cheese plate, pan-fried for cheese fingers, grated over pasta, pizza, lasagna or cannelloni or to make the perfect jamon and manchego cheese toastie.   Manchego would be the next Parmesan in Australian everyday cuisine.
  • Semi-Cured Light Cheese – Lactose Free / Salt Reduced – A great creamy flavoursome cheese, having reduced fat and salt content but preserving a delicious taste and the softest texture of the Maestre range.   It is lactose free treated by natural processes. There is large demand for good quality and flavour in the lactose free products and our light cheese satisfies both.   A very versatile cheese, great for cheese plates, vegetable gratinees, lasagna, pizza, toasties and perfect in healthy, crunchy salads, healthy omelettes and frittatas.   This is definitely an innovative goats milk cheese that would revolutionise healthy food and take it to the next level with flavour.
  • Murcia Wine Cured Goat Cheese – A creamy goats’ milk cheese from the province of Murcia in the south-east of Spain where Miguel is from. It has a Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).   The term al vino refers to the washing of the rind with red wine during maturation.   The cheese has an agreeable creamy flavour, a slight saltiness and a mild aroma. The cheese itself is coloured white to light cream and has a compact and elastic texture.   This is Miguel’s favourite cheese and has been eating since he was a little boy. It is perfect for kids as its really soft, great for cheese plates, great for melting, perfect for fresh sandwiches and for stuffing chicken breast or zucchini flowers.
  • Semi-Cured Cheese – A mix of pasteurised cows, sheep and goats milk. As they say in Spain it’s the best of the farm – altogether in one.   Its cured for a period of 2 months. The rind is uneatable. The cheese is white/ivory in colour, has a very soft aroma, a creamy feeling in the pallet with a fresh milk after taste. Its texture is not too hard or not too soft… it’s just perfect.   This is Miguel’s favourite cheese for children as its great grated over there dinners and great for cheese plates. An everyday cheese that will be a great replacement for grated cheddar.

Located: Deli aisle

Size: 150gm

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

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RRP: ∼$10.99-$13.99

Available from: Selected Woolworths and independent grocers – to find out your closest store  Click Here

Distribution: National