Picky Picky – Australian Peanut Oil

Just like their peanuts, Picky Picky Peanut Oil uses Hi Oleic peanuts grown by proud Australia farmers, which is then naturally refined using the perfect mix of temperature, pressure, time and clay (no nasty chemical solvents!) to satisfy even the pickiest peanut oil perfectionist.

Ideal for high heat cooking or as an ingredient, this versatile oil doesn’t change food flavours and can be used for all your culinary needs – it’s the nutritional pick too, as being Hi Oleic it is 41% higher in Omega-9 and 25% lower (In comparison to a standard Oleic peanut oil) in saturated fat than regular peanut oil.

  • Aussie Grown
  • Hi Oleic
  • Naturally refined

Available in 2 sizes:

  • 790ml – ∼$8.49
  • 3lt – ∼$23.99

Located: Cooking oils aisle

Size: As detailed above

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

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Available from: Coles

Distribution: National