Sugars of the world

Sugar Australia Pty Ltd has released a range of 7 different types of sugar under the name of “Sugars of the World” which are a range of sustainable, unrefined and exotic sugars that can be used to replicate cuisines from around the world. Based on where the individual sugar has been grown and how it was processed, each sugar has its own unique and individual flavour.

Mexican Agave Sugar

Mexican agave sugar is created by drying the extracted juice of the agave plant that thrives in the deserts of Mexico. With an intense sweetness that is clean and lively, Mexican Agave Sugar dissolves easily and blends well with other ingredients.

Perfect for:

  • Recipes calling for Caster or Icing sugar
  • Baking, stirring in and sprinkling
  • Mexican sweets like churros, empanadas, cajeta or flan de queso

French Caster Sugar

French pastry chefs use finely sieved pure French Caster Sugar, or ‘Sucre Semoule Tamisé’ to create delicate macarons, exquisite petits fours, and luscious éclairs.
Unlike sugar grown in the Southern Hemisphere, French Caster Sugar is purified from the juice of the sugar beet, grown in the cool and temperate climate of Eastern France. French Caster Sugar has a well developed sweetness, with a light yet hedonistic note on the palate.

Perfect for:

  • French pastries
  • Recipes requiring a sugar to blend, melt, fold or whip easily

Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar

Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar is unrefined, organically grown and sustainably farmed on the island of Java, Indonesia. Harvested with traditional methods, it retains the nutrients naturally found in the nectar of the coconut blossom. A good source of calcium and iron, Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar also has a GI value up to 10 points lower than raw sugar. With a unique depth of flavour and subtle caramel and butterscotch notes, Indonesian Coconut Blossom Sugar can also substitute for Jaggery or Gula Melaka.

Perfect for:

  • Porridge
  • Baked goods
  • Tea, coffee and cold drinks

Australian Muscovado Sugar

Australian Muscovado has s dark colour and heady aroma from its natural molasses content, carrying robust notes of bittersweet toffee and treacle. It adds a luscious depth to baked goods, with its intensely decadent flavour and moist texture. With a fine crystal similar to caster sugar, Australian Muscovado is made from cane sugar grown and milled in Queensland, Australia. Unique in character, try Australian Muscovado for an adventurous twist across a wide range of dishes and beverages.

Perfect for:

  • Recipes that call for Brown or Dark Brown sugar
  • Porridge
  • Glazes and marinades

Colombian Panela Sugar

With deep rum-like notes and an earthy finish, Colombian Panela Sugar brings a subtle but complex sweetness to any recipe. Farmers in Villeta, Cundinamarca province, harvest sugar cane and boil the juice to help it crystallise, as they have for centuries. Made by hand, Colombian Panela retains more of the natural molasses content of sugar cane juice, and therefore more of the natural trace minerals and other nutrients.

Perfect for:

  • Recipes that call for Raw or Brown Sugar
  • Tea and coffee
  • Cereal
  • Yoghurt

Sri Lankan Rapadura Sugar

Sri Lankan Rapadura Sugar is an unrefined sugar from the Uva province in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan farmers simply harvest the cane and evaporate the water from the juice until it crystallises, meaning the sugar is truly unrefined. The molasses content in the cane juice gives this sugar its golden colour and delicate caramel flavour and means more of the natural nutrients remain.

Perfect for:

  • Traditional sweets like Sago Pudding and Urunda
  • Recipes that call for Jaggery or Gula Melaka
  • White and Brown sugar substitute

Australian Unrefined Sugar

Milled in Queensland, at the source where the sugar cane is grown. The balance of trace minerals, nutrients and flavours found naturally in sugar cane and molasses are retained. Subtle differences across crystal size and colour are a result of the sugar not being processed through a refinery, so every bag is uniquely one of a kind. Dusky gold in colour, with a subtle syrup note and rounded flavour, Australian unrefined sugar has an earthy character and natural goodness.

Perfect for:

  • Recipes that call for White or Raw sugar
  • Tea and coffee
  • Everyday baking and cooking

Size: 250gm

Release date: Released

Road test: Untested

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RRP: ∼$4.99

Available from: Coles – selected range, Woolworths, and selected independent supermarkets – selected range.