Protein Pasta Powered by Crickets!

Our clever friends across the ditch (in the land of the long white cloud) have done it again!… this time with a new healthy pasta made using crickets, or to be more specific, cricket flour! The company is Tomorrow Foods.

Tomorrow Foods is dedicated to creating nutritious, delicious food that’s focused on high-protein products which are made sustainably using alternative ingredients.

Their product range started with Cricket Flour which contains 100% pure cricket protein, the flour has been created using only Acheta Domestica Crickets and is a complete protein – it contains all 9 essential amino acids that are necessary for our diet, whilst being completely natural with no additives or preservatives.

And now Tomorrow Foods has launched their new Protein Penne Pasta which Tomorrow Foods says is ‘Powered by Crickets’ uses their Cricket Flour, the pasta contains a massive 25gm protein per serve which is almost double the protein found in other dried pasta (as well as containing other vitamins and nutrients) – Tomorrow Foods, says that their Protein Penne Pasta has a delicious nutty flavour profile.

But why crickets?… as crickets are high in protein (as well as other nutrients), easy to farm, better on the environment and require less resources than traditional meats, crickets have been slowly finding their way into different food products such as flour, and muesli bars.

The Cricket Flour sells for NZ~$21.99 and the Protein Penne Pasta sells for NZ~$9.99 – unfortunately for Australia Tomorrow Foods products are not available here at this time.

For more information, visit Tomorrow Foods website: Click here