Increased restrictions on baby formula purchases

Due to the ongoing shortages of baby formula, Coles and Woolworths have increased restrictions on the purchase of baby formula in their stores.

Previously Coles had a limit of 4 four tins per customer, and Woolworths had an 8 tins limit.

But this week Coles has lowered its limit to 2 tins per customer, and Woolworths to 4 tins.

Both Coles & Woolworths have said that they are working to address the supply problems, in the meantime the federal government has said it will only intervene in the shortage as a last resort.

Following requests from the Australian Multiple Birth Association, Coles has stated that it will give special consideration to families with a genuine need for more than two tins of formula.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association has recommended that multiple birth families take evidence (e.g. Birth Certificates) of their family situations when they go to purchase formula so as to evidence and justify their need for larger purchases.