Pie Society – Heritage Range

The humble pie just got a little less humble…at Pie Society they fill their pies with only the freshest ingredients sourced from Australian farmers. They craft them in their award winning sustainable bakery and then freeze them un-baked, so you can enjoy truly fresh bakery-style pastry at home – Pie Society make them. You bake them – Pie Society’s pies are not pre-baked. That means you get to cook them for the first time and experience pastry the way it should be. Fresh from the oven, flaky, fluffy and golden.

  • Proudly made By Plarre’s Melbourne bakery from fresh Australian veggies, herbs, meat & flour.

Pie Society’s heritage range are more comforting than a cuddle. They’ve used their 120 years of know-how to bring the bakery to your kitchen, think classic rich fillings packed with flavour and wrapped in proper pastry.

Available in 3 variants:

  • Australian Premium Beef – a proper Aussie Beef Pie, you know the score – minced beef, slowly cooked in a rich gravy surrounded by pastry. But this pie isn’t just for half time, oh no, it’s something you’ll want to eat all the time. Super-premium lean minced beef, no mystery bits and pastry you can’t punt across an oval.
  • Chunky Beef Steak with Portobello Mushrooms – If this pie was any richer it would own a yacht. Tender chunks of slow cooked steak in a thick velvety gravy with loads of meaty Portobello mushrooms and finished with Pie Society’s perfect pastry. It tastes like a million bucks.
  • Slow Cooked Smoky Beef & Bacon with Vintage Cheddar – fancy mince beef cooked in a rich smoky bacon gravy and then topped with a bitey vintage cheddar.

Located:   Freezer aisle

Size:   400gm (2x200gm)

Visit website:   Click Here

Shelf price:   ∼$10.00

Available from:   Woolworths

Distribution:   National


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